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Special for You-Buy All 8 FFRF Published Books for Only $85.00

Losing Faith In Faith: From Preacher To Atheist
by Dan Barker. Hardcover, 392 pages.

Just Pretend: A Freethought Book for Children
by Dan Barker. Paperback, 72 pages.

Woe to the Women-The Bible Tells Me So
by Annie Laurie Gaylor. Hardcover, 264 pages.

Women Without Superstition: “No Gods - No Masters”
by Annie Laurie Gaylor. Hardcover, 696 pages.

Lead Us Not Into Penn Station: Provocative Pieces
by Anne Nicol Gaylor. Paperback, 80 pages.

Rhymes for the Irreverent
by Yip Harburg. Hardcover, 240 pages.

American Infidel: Robert G. Ingersoll
by Orvin Larson. Paperback, 316 pages.

The Born Again Skeptic’s Guide To the Bible
by Ruth Hurmence Green. Paperback, 440 pages.

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