Michigan Atheists Speak Out

By: Dee Crowe
Edited by Dee Crowe

The history of Michigan Atheists is about courage and commitment which began in 1975 – the birth of Michigan Atheists. A time when few atheists were out of the closet and those of us who publicly carried the atheist banner, struggling to keep religion out of our schools, our government and our courts, were feared and hated. Imagine our hardship during the 70's and 80's when even communication was an awesome task. We had few court cases to cite in defense of our separation issue and stood very much alone in our public efforts, often armed only with the Constitution, our courage and our passion to defend our civil rights. The media made a mockery of our efforts. Our demonstrations were met with angry believers, and we were always met with jeers, insults and even threats when testing at various government venues.

Paperback, 150 pages.

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