Religion Made Me Fat

By: AmyJo Mattheis
AmyJo Mattheis

Questions about God, fun, sex, money, flirting and more, all come up in a life well-lived within the visions and expectations of the Christian church. Can an ordained woman wear red lipstick? Is sexuality dirty? Are women the source of sin? Should pastors not want things? Does everyone who doesn’t know Jesus really burn in hell? Religion Made Me Fat chronicles the evolution of Mattheis’ understanding of the man Jesus and what his teachings mean to men and women, atheists and others who believe a different way. Through her experiences as a pastor’s kid in California, working in West Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer, her time as an intern pastor in Jerusalem and ordained minister in the United States, Mattheis challenges readers to take seriously the role that Christianity plays in our intimate and collective lives.

Paperback, 151 pages.

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