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For Small Creatures Such As We DISCONTINUED


Rituals for Finding Meaning in Our Unlikely World

By Sasha Sagan

Sasha Sagan was raised by secular parents, the astronomer Carl Sagan and the writer and producer Ann Druyan. She holds a degree in Dramatic Literature from NYU. She has worked as a television producer, filmmaker, editor, and speaker in New York, Boston and London, and her writing has appeared in New York Magazine and elsewhere. For Small Creatures Such As We is her first book.

“How often have you asked yourself: What is the meaning of life? Sasha Sagan finds its meaning everywhere—with her family, around the world, and especially among the stars of the cosmos. Read her work; you’ll have a deeper appreciation for your every step, every bite, and every breath.”— Bill Nye, author of Everything All At Once.

Hardback, 288 pages.

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